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Data Protection

Usually, it is possible to use our website without giving any personal information. The collection of personal information (e.g. name, address, email address) is conducted on a voluntary basis if possible. We will not transfer this information to third parties without your explicit consent. We want to point out, that there can be security breaches in the data transmission over the Internet (e.g. while communicating via email). A complete data protection against access by third parties is not possible.

The usage of the published contact data in the context of the duty of the site notice performed by third parties in order to forward advertisement and information material is hereby explicitly prohibited. The providers of the site explicitly reserve the right to initiate legal proceedings in case of received unwanted advertisement, e.g. via spam. 

To collect and save data we also use so-called cookies. Cookies are small files stored on your computer by your web browser at the request of our site. They do not harm your computer. They do not contain viruses or allow us to spy out your data. There are two types of cookie we use on our website. Session cookies expire automatically when you close your browser. By way of contrast, persistent cookies last longer. This type of cookie enables a website to remember you on subsequent visits. These cookies allow us to track your activity on the website for the above-mentioned purposes and appropriate amount. Further, they are used to provide you with an optimised browsing experience on our website. Information about your browsing activity is as well only collected in anonymised or pseudonymised form. You can configure your browser settings in a way that our cookies cannot be stored on your device or already stored cookies will be deleted.